Erotic Romance by Keyonna Davis

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 Pine Valley 4: Second Chances


     Daniel MacGregor made the decision to step down from MacGregor Inc. after the company put his daughter’s life in danger. Seeing his daughter happily married to one of his former team members causes Daniel to long for a danger free life of his own. Unfortunately, danger free, is far from what he gets when Leah walks into his office, on his last day on the job, without an appointment.

     Leah Moore is an interpreter for the US Embassy. She thought her job was safe and boring until she decides to stay late one night to finish a project. She overhears something she shouldn’t have and now her life is in danger. When there is an attempt on her life, Leah has no idea who the trust. She has only heard rumors about Daniel and his company, but decides to take a chance and go to him for help.

     Daniel agrees to help the beautiful woman who barged into his office, but his one last job for the company may be the most dangerous. Not only for is life, but his heart as well.